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Thurmond Patch Chairman Alaska RC AK
Laura Hicks Senior Account Manager Pulse Energy BC
Hannah Bascom Business Team Lead Google CA
Mike Hopkins EVP Corporate Development Ice Energy CA
Robert Chapman VP, Member & Tech Services Electric Pwr Research Inst CA
John Betkoski Vice Chairman Connecticut PURA CT
Tracy Babbidge Dept. of Energy Tech CT DEEP CT
Dr. Emmanouil Anagnostou Director of Engineering University of Connecticut CT
Elin Swanson Katz Consumer Counsel CT Office of Consumer Counsel CT
Francis Pullaro Executive Director RENEW CT
Nicholas Neeley Director Connecticut PURA CT
Angela Ruggiero Mgr. Regulatory Affairs Northeast Utilities CT
Michael Coretto VP - Regulatory Affairs UIL Holdings Corp. CT
David Bogan Partner Edwards Wildman CT
Paul McCary Partner Murtha Cullina LLP CT
Sheena McElrath Administrative Assistant Connecticut PURA CT
George Logan Dir. Environmental Mgt Aquarion Water CT
Eric Jacobi Utilities Principal Financ Connecticut PURA CT
Cat Nguyen Staff Attorney Connecticut PURA CT
Arthur House Chairman Connecticut PURA CT
Dianne Quigley Legal Collection Manager Nair & Levin P. C. CT
Gail Fuller Supervisor Rates & Revenue Connecticut PURA CT
Brian Forshaw Chief Regulatory CMEEC CT
Tara Trifon Attorney Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP CT
Jeffrey Casey Business Development Burns & McDonnell CT
Pete Fuller Director NRG CT
Theresa Brown Director-State Regulatory AT&T CT
Linda Baez Administrative Assistant Connecticut PURA CT
Mark Quinlan Director - Energy Supply Connecticut PURA CT
Michael Caron Commissioner Connecticut PURA CT
Lucy Davis Utility Consultant Nair & Levin P. C. CT
Maureen Westbrook VP Customer & Reg Affs CT Water Company CT
Katie Dykes Deputy Commissioner CT DEEP CT
W. David LeVasseur Acting Undersecretary Office of Policy & Management CT
Theresa Hopkins-Staten Dr. Regulatory Affs. Northeast Utilities CT
Kevin Hennessy Dir. Federal State Local Dominion Resources Services CT
Paul Zohorsky Vice President Northeast Utilities CT
James Ginnetti Senior Vice President EquiPower Resources Corp. CT
Fred Klein Attorney Pullman & Comley, LLC CT
Robert Marconi Assistant Attorney General Connecticut PURA CT
James Daly VP Energy Supply Northeast Utilities CT
Eric Thornburg President & CEO Connecticut Water Co CT
Joey Lee Miranda Partner Robinson & Cole LLP CT
Bruce Husta Area Vice President Itron, Inc. CT
Sebastian Lombardi Attorney Day Pitney LLP CT
Daniel Nowak Dep. Dir., EPR-E, OEMR FERC DC
Jeffrey Petrash VP & General Counsel National Propane Gas Ass'n DC
Sandra Waldstein Director FERC DC
Noel Black Federal Regulatory Affairs Southern Company DC
Russell Hanser Partner Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP DC
James Bradford Ramsay General Counsel NARUC DC
Andrea Krukowski Senior Associate IMT DC
Rick Cimerman Vice President National Cable & Tel. Assoc. DC
Roy Lathrop Economist NCTA DC
Ron Edelstein Dir, Reg & Gov Relations Gas Technology Institute DC
Harvey Reiter Partner Stinson Leonard Street LLP DC
Mignon Clyburn Commissioner FCC DC
Congressman Peter Welch Congressman U.S. House of Representatives DC
Matt McCaffree Director, Reg. Relations NAWC DC
Hank Hultquist Vice President AT&T DC
Barbara Tyran Director EPRI DC
John McCaffrey Partner Stinson Leonard Street LLP DC
Elizabeth Stipnieks Senior Director Edison Electric Institue DC
Paul Genoa Sr. Director, Policy Devel NEI DC
Rebekah Goodheart Legal Advisor FCC1 DC
Cheryl LaFleur Acting Chair FERC DC
Wendy Harris Manger of Meetings NARUC DC
Bill Zuretti Manager, State Affairs American Gas Association DC
Jeewon Kim Admin Asst. America's NatGas Alliance DC
Caroline Wozniak Energy Information Analyst FERC DC
Randall Rich Partner Pierce Atwood LLP DC
Brent Struthers Sr. Policy Advisor Neustar DC
Wendy Harris Manager of Meetings NARUC DC
Amie Jamieson Senior Attorney Florida Power & Light Company FL
Matt Valle President New Hampshire Transmission FL
Richard Mathias Senior Consultant PJM IL
Jolynn Butler Executive Director AT&T IN
Barney Rush Board Member ISO-NE MA
Stephen Leahy VP, Policy Northeast Gas Association MA
David O'Connor SVP for Energy ML Strategies, LLC MA
Paul Abbott General Counsel Massachusetts DTC MA
Heather Hunt Executive Director NESCOE MA
Joshua Kaushansky Analyst, Rates Liberty Utilities MA
Thomas Bessette Director Reg & Fed Affairs Massachusetts DPU MA
Ben D'Antonio Counsel & Analyst NESCOE MA
Gregory Kennan Of Counsel Fagelbaum & Heller LLP MA
Kerry Britland Mgr., Government Affairs NSTAR MA
Cheryl Kimball Partner Keegan Werlin, LLP MA
Jesse Reyes Division Chief, ETD MA Attorney General MA
Paul Peterson Principal Synapse Energy Economics MA
Paul Vasington Dir, State Pub Policy Verizon MA MA
Douglas Denny-Brown General Counsel Mint Energy MA
Danielle Winter Associate Keegan Werlin, LLP MA
Dorothy Capra Director of Reg. Services NESCOE MA
Brooke Skulley Assistant General Counsel National Grid MA
Rebecca Tepper General Counsel Massachusetts DPU MA
Stephen Rourke VP System Planning ISO-NE MA
Steven Camerino Attorney McLane Law Firm MA
Celia B. O'Brien Assistant General Counsel National Grid MA
Stephen Conant Senior Vice President Anbaric Transmission MA
Marc Montalvo VP & Principal Consultant La Capra Associates MA
John Habib Partner Keegan Werlin, LLP MA
Jessica Buno Associate Keegan Werlin, LLP MA
Philip Shapiro Board Member ISO-NE MA
Thomas Kiley President Northeast Gas Association MA
Brooke Thomson VP - External Affairs AT&T MA
W Robert Keating Principal Keating Strategies MA
Mary Beth Gentleman Partner Foley Hoag LLP MA
Mary Coleman Director National Grid MA
Matthew Berestecky Account Executive DVI MA
Ellen Foley Dir. Corp Communications ISO-NE MA
Ann Berwick Chair Massachusetts DPU MA
Vincent Duffy Director-Controller Liberty Utilities MA
Alexandra Blackmore Assistant Gen. Counsel National Grid MA
Mel Palmer Senior Origination Manager EDP Renewables NA, LLC MA
Robert Munnelly Partner Murtha Cullina, LLP MA
Sandi Hennequin Vice President NEPGA MA
Austin Whitman Vice President MJ Bradley & Associates MA
Bruce Anderson Dir Mkt and Regul Affairs New Eng Power Gen Assoc MA
Robert Ludlow VP, Chief Financial ISO- NE MA
Karen Charles Chief of Staff Massachusetts DTC MA
Daniel Peaco President La Capra Associates MA
Eric Krathwohl Managing Director Rich May, P.C. MA
Stacey Parker VP of Regulatory Affs Comcast MA
Brian Lippold Advisor Broadband Institute MA
Jolette Westbrook Commissioner Massachusetts DPU MA
Laura Olton Counsel PowerOptions, Inc. MA
Amy Rabinowitz VP & Deputy Gen. Counsel National Grid MA
Benjamin Davis Director, Electric Power Massachusetts DPU MA
Susan Geiger Attorney ORR & Reno MA
Susan Fleck Vice President National Grid MA
Alicia Matthews Sr. Dir. Competitive Issue Comcast MA
Janet Gail Besser VP Policy and Govt Affairs New Eng Clean Energy Council MA
Kevin Penders Partner Keegan Werlin, LLP MA
Gordon van Welie President & CEO ISO-NE MA
Jim Grasso President and CEO Grasso Associates, LLC MA
George Yiankos Director, Gas Division Massachusetts DPU MA
Karlen Reed Director Massachusetts DTC MA
Geoffrey Why Attorney Mintz, Levin . . . PC MA
Andrew Greene Director, Siting Div. Massachusetts DPU MA
David LaPlante Vice President ISO-NE MA
Nancy Stevens Dir. Consumer Division Massachusetts DPU MA
Kenneth Margossian Sr. Executive Officer RH White Construction MA
Kate McKeever Commissioner Massachusetts DPU MA
Michelle Gardner Director - Regulatory Affr NextEra Energy Resources MA
Kevin Brannelly Dir. Rates and Revenue Massachusetts DPU MA
Anne George VP, Ext Affairs & Corp Com ISO-NE MA
Elia Germani Consultant Germani Regulatory Consultant MA
Philip Duguay Public & Cultural Affairs Québec Government Office MA
Roberta Brown Board Member ISO-NE MA
Birud Jhaveri Deputy Commissioner MA Department of Energy Resources MA
Debra Hall Sustainability Prog Devel MA Dept of Hsg & Comm Devel MA
David White President Whitinsville Water Co. MA
Joseph Dalton Director, Govt. Affairs GDF SUEZ Energy NA LLC MA
Robert Keegan Managing Partner Keegan Werlin, LLP MA
Ronald Gerwatowski SVP Regulation & Pricing National Grid MA
Larry Reilly Principal Rosewood Energy Consulting MA
Eric Johnson Director, External Affairs ISO-NE MA
Robert Yardley Sr. Vice President Concentric Energy Advisors MA
Jacob Steubing Origination Manager EDP Renewables MA
Carol White Director, Program Strategy National Grid MA
Richard Cencini Director, Rates & Regs Columbia Gas of MA MA
James McCarthy Chief Operating Officer RH White Construction MA
James White Sr. Director of Reg Affs Comcast MA
Jeff Bentz Director of Analysis NESCOE MA
Daniel Collins Chief of Staff Massachusetts DPU MA
Paul Hibbard Vice President Analysis Group MA
Austin Whitman Director of Reg Affairs FirstFuel Software MA
Dan Dolan President New England Power Gen Assoc MA
Daniel Venora Partner Keegan Werlin, LLP MA
Christopher Wilson Board Member ISO-NE MA
Bryan Sanderson Senior Vice President Anbaric Transmission MA
Jason Marshall Senior Counsel NESCOE MA
Shaela Collins Counsel Rich May, P.C. MA
Tim Brennan Director, Reg. Strategy National Grid MA
Greg Geller Manager, Reg. Affairs EnerNOC MA
James Avery Partner Brown Rudnick, LLP MA
David O'Brien VP Regulatory Solutions BRIDGE Energy Group MA
Marcy Reed President MA National Grid MA
Frederick Plett Utility Analyst Massachusetts AG MA
Eric Wilkinson External Affairs ISO-NE MA
Julie Michals Director, EM&V Forum NEEP MA
Emily Mann Project Manager Tetra Tech MA
Melissa Lauderdale Director of Gov't & Reg Integrys Energy Services MD
Daniel Allegretti VP State Gov't Affairs Exelon Corp MD
Mark Vannoy Commissioner Maine PUC ME
Ben Smith Attorney Skelton, Taintor & Abbott ME
Sarah Tracy Attorney Pierce Atwood LLP ME
Katie Gray Attorney Verrill Dana LLP ME
Jeff Thaler Visiting Professor of Law Maine Law School ME
Jared des Rosiers Attorney Pierce Atwood, LLP ME
Eric Stinneford VP, Treasurer, Controller Central Maine Power Co. ME
Stacy dimou President & CEO Oxbow-Sherman ME
Steve Garwood President PowerGrid Strategies, LLC ME
David Littell Commissioner Maine PUC ME
Judy Wallingford President Maine Water Co. ME
Christopher Roach Attorney Roach Hewitt ME
Owen Smith RVP of External Affairs AT&T ME
Dale Knapp Sr. Enviro. Consultant Tetra Tech, Inc. ME
Timothy Schneider Public Advocate ME Office of the Public Advocate ME
William Hewitt Attorney Roach Hewitt ME
Julie Hashem Manager Emera Maine ME
Michael Reed State President-Maine FairPoint Communications ME
Stacey Fitts Regulatory Manager Summit Natural Gas of Maine ME
William Harwood Attorney Verrill Dana LLP ME
Jon Sorenson President and COO Competitive Energy Services ME
Joel Moser Esquire Bernstein Shur ME
Thomas Welch Chairman Maine PUC ME
Kimball Kenway VP & General Counsel Themal Energy Storage of ME ME
Alan Richardson VP Transmission Emera Maine ME
Robert Bersak Chief Regulatory Counsel Northeast Utilities NH
Lisa Shapiro Economist Gallagher,Callahan & Gartrell NH
Richard Leehr President Liberty Utilities NH
Doug Debski Sr. Regulatory Analyst Until NH
Patrick Taylor McLane Law Firm NH
George Simmons Manager Regulatory Service Unitil NH
Gary Epler Chief Regulatory Counsel Unitil NH
Rorie Hollenberg Assist. Consumer Advocate NH Office of Consumer Advocate NH
Amy Ignatius Chairman New Hampshire PUC NH
Rachel Goldwasser Attorney Orr & Reno NH
Anne Ross General Counsel New Hampshire PUC NH
Christopher Aslin Attorney Bernstein Shur NH
Meredith Hatfield Director NH Office of Energy and Planning NH
Christopher Kahl Sr. Regulatory Analyst Until NH
Debra Hale Director Liberty Utilities NH
Randall Knepper Director, Safety New Hampshire PUC NH
Thomas Frantz Dir. Electric Division New Hampshire PUC NH
Steve Mullen Manager, Rates and Reg Liberty Utilities NH
Allen Desbiens Senior Analyst Northeast Utilities NH
Doug Patch Attorney Orr & Reno NH
Alexander Speidel Staff Attorney New Hampshire PUC NH
Suzanne Amidon Staff Attorney New Hampshire PUC NH
Joel Gordon Director Market Policy PGEG Power, LLC NH
Robert Scott Commissioner New Hampshire PUC NH
Allison Smith Analyst NESCOE NH
Sarah Knowlton Assistant General Counsel Liberty Utilities NH
Karen Asbury Director, Regulatory Unitil Service Corp NH
Shawn Keniston Director Gov Affairs TransCanada NH
Martin Honigberg Commissioner New Hampshire PUC NH
Thomas Getz Attorney Devine, Millimet & Branch NH
Lynn Fabrizio Asst. Exec. Director New Hampshire PUC NH
Frederick Butler President and CEO Butler Advisory Services NJ
Michele Thomas National Director T-Mobile State Regulatory NJ
David Applebaum Regional Director NextEra Energy Resources LLC NJ
Jeff Bishop Sr. Director, Government Brookfield Energy Marketing LP NY
Philip Fedora AVP-Reliability Services NPCC NY
Aurelio Mark de Yoanna Manager, Market Strategy National Grid NY
Steven Hall ReEnergy Holdings LLC NY
Donald Mason President All American Energy Partners OH
Bill Killeen Director, Regulatory Liberty Utilities ON
Tracy McCormick Executive Director Retail Energy Supply Assoc PA
John Holtz Director Gov-Reg Affairs NRG Retail Northeast PA
Kenneth Christman Assistant General Counsel NiSource Corporate Services PA
Nicolas Bosse Vice president Brookfield Energy Marketing LP QC
Gilles Boulianne Vice Chair & Commissioner Quebec Energy Board QC
Margaret Curran Chairperson Rhode Island PUC RI
Nicholas Ucci Chief of Staff RI Office of Energy Resources RI
Abigail Anthony Director, Grid & Utillity Environment Northeast RI
Peter Lacouture Partner Robinson & Cole LLP RI
Amy D'Alessandro Legal Counsel Rhode Island PUC RI
George Watson, III Attorney Robinson & Cole LLP RI
Cheryl Young Director National Grid RI
Alan Shoer Attorney Adler Pollock & Sheehan P.C. RI
Colin Schofield Government Affairs Analyst Brown University/EDPR RI
Todd Bianco Principal Policy Associate Rhode Island PUC RI
Marion Gold Commissioner RI Office of Energy Resources RI
Al Contente Utility Analyst RI Division of Public Utilities and Carriers RI
Richard Kruse V.P. Regulatory Compliance Spectra Energy TX
Maria Seidler Director - AES/Retail Poli Dominion Resources, Inc. VA
Phillip Powell Director Grid Innovations Dominion Resources VA
Kaitlin Gregg Regulatory Affairs Manager Opower VA
Peter Zamore Director Sheehey Furlong & Behm P.C. VT
Thomas Dunn President and CEO VELCO VT
Dale Rocheleau Director Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC VT
Mark Sciarrotta Assistant General Counsel VELCO VT
George Young Policy Director Vermont PSB VT
Sheila Grace Special Counsel Vermont DPS VT
Mari McClure Director- Rates & Regs Green Mountain Power VT
Kerrick Johnson VP, Communications VELCO VT
David Coen Commisioner Emeritus VT
Bridget Asay Sr. Asst, Attorney General Office of the Attorney General VT
Geoffrey Commons Public Advocate Vermont DPS VT
Sarah Hofmann Executive Director NECPUC VT
Thomas Murray Director Vermont Gas Systems, Inc. VT
Megan Ludwig Special Counsel Vermont DPS VT
Debra Bouffard Director Sheehey Furlong & Behm P.C. VT
Christopher Root COO VELCO VT
Margaret Cheney Commissioner Vermont PSB VT
Eileen Simollardes Vice President Vermont Gas Systems, Inc. VT
David Mullett General Manager VPPSA VT
Kim Akielaszek Admin. Service Tech. Vermont Public Service Board VT
Timothy Duggan Special Counsel Vermont DPS VT
James Volz Chairman Vermont PSB VT
Emily Levin VT Energy Investment Corp VT
Chris Neme Principal Energy Futures Group VT
Darren Springer Deputy Commissioner Vermont DPS VT
Riley Allen Research Director RAP VT
Don Rendall Sr. VP Financial Strategic Green Mountain Power VT
Richard Sedano Director, US Program Regulatory Assistance Project VT
Deena Frankel Facilitator VELCO VT
Sandra Berbeco VT
John Burke Commissioner Vermont PSB VT
Debbie Drew National Grid VT
Scott Johnstone Executive Director VEIC VT
Dave Lamont Consultant RAP VT
Charlotte Ancel Director Sheehey Furlong & Behm P.C. VT
Michele Nelson VP-Finance VELCO VT
Ed McNamara Regional Policy Director Vermont DPS VT
Mary Powell President Green Mountain Power VT
Kim Hayden Director Downs Rachlin Martin VT
Nancy Malmquist Director Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC VT
John Marshall Director Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC VT
Cheryl Jenkins Senior Consultant VT Energy Investment Corp VT
Roger Nishi VP of Industry Relations Waitsfield & Champlin Valley VT
Jeffrey Nelson Director, Energy Services VHB VT
Ashley Shaw Rates & Regulatory Analyst Vermont Gas Systems, Inc. VT
Christopher Recchia Commissioner Vermont DPS VT
Judy Bruneau Executive Assistant Vermont Public Service Board VT
Beth Fastiggi State President FairPoint Communications VT
Mary Jo Krolewski Utilities Analyst Vermont PSB VT
Judith Dillon Senior Counsel VT Agency of Nat. Resources VT
David Farnsworth Associate RAP VT
A Donald Gilbert Jr. President & CEO Vermont Gas Systems, Inc. VT
Kristin Carlson Director of Media Green Mountain Power VT
Tuck Rainwater Director, Govt Relations Comcast VT
Karen O'Neill VP, Sec. & General Counsel VELCO VT
Dan Pfeiffer VP of Government Affairs ITRON WA

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